Branch Offices


According to the SOLAS-74 Chapter 5 the governments of the IHO Member States have to hold the following activities:

to compile and issue official navigational charts, pilot charts, Lists of Lights, tidal tables and other nautical publications for the purposes of navigational safety;

to disseminate Notices to Marines required for maintenance and updating navigational charts and publications.

Ukrmorcartographia, which is a unique state authorized enterprise specialized in production of official navigational charts and nautical publications, is in charge of the above activities.

This modern industrial and engineering complex was established in Kyiv. Electronic navigational charts produced by Ukrmorcartographia are in full accord with requirements of versions 3.0, 3.1 of the IHO standard S-57. Its products are used by commercial and fishing vessels, authorities engaged in exploration of natural resources, design and research institutions for laying of utility networks on the seafloor (electric cables, pipelines), organizations involved in exploration of living and non-living resources of the sea, Navy, municipal administrations of maritime towns, governmental and private recreational and touristic services, etc.

Analysis of the status of nautical cartography in the Black Sea and Azov countries demonstrates that the volume and quality of produced cartographic products allow Ukraine to be among leaders in the region.

23, Gagarina Avenue
Kyiv 02094
 +38 044 292-64-44


Kerch Branch of the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine

The area of the Kerch Branch responsibility covers the Black Sea coastline of Crimea Peninsula from Alushta to Kerchenska Strait including Kerch-Yeni-Kale Channel and the whole Ukrainian part of the Sea of Azov coastline from Kerchenska Strait to the maritime Ukrainian-Russian boundary (Kryva Kosa Cape). The branch services 27 lighthouses, 17 landmarks, 149 floating warning beacons.

54, Kirova Street
Kerch 98318

Mykolaiv Branch of the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine

Mykolaiv Branch maintains aids to navigation from Berezan Ireland to Inhul River Mouth, as well as in Buzko-Dniprovsko-Lymanskyi Channel and Sosytskyi Channel. The branch services 26 lighthouses, 27 landmarks, 224 floating warning beacons.

1, Kabotazhnyi Mol Street
Mykolaiv 54002
Tel/Fax: +38 0512 58-07-45

Odesa Branch of the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine

Odesa Branch maintains aids to navigation from the state boundary between Ukraine and Romania, approaches and water area of Ust-Dunaysk Port, the approach and connecting channels toward the navigational mark “3 km to Zaliznyi Port”. Totally the branch services 13 lighthouses, 47 landmarks and 156 floating warning beacons.

In addition, Odesa Branch is responsible for maintenance of aids to navigation on the Danube River that amounts to 65 landmarks, 126 information marks, 186 milestones, 50 floating warning beacons and 2 reference stations.

5, Maiachnyi Lane
Odesa 65038
Tel: +38 048 744-85-80
Tel/Fax: +38 048 753-17-53
Head: Yakiv NECHAI

Sevastopol Branch of the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine named after L.I. Mitin

Sevastopol Branch maintains aids to navigation from Zaliznyi Port (Kherson Region) to Alushta (Crimea) including “Alushta” light navigational mark. The branch services 1 lighthouse, 52 landmarks, 81 floating warning beacons.

45, Karantynna Street
Sevastopol 99008


We offer a wide range of charts, nautical publications, manuals, catalogues, and other specialized products developed by ‘Ukrmorcartographia’ – the charting branch of the State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine.